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Management Solutions

Management Solutions are Solutions intended exclusively for Management personnel. They provide more efficient fulfillment of everyday tasks or occasional business activities, reduce time needed to process activities and in one place provide a complete overview of key business data. Some of key Solutions are stated bellow

Paperless meetings

ConsciusHeadQuarters® (HQ) is a solution designed for the preparation, management and archiving of sessions, briefings and meetings.

Budget management

Budget management Solution provides budget planning and budget implementation monitoring. With the Solution budgets can be created, monitored, revised and procurement fulfilment can be monitored by accounts or procurement sections.

Idea management

The solution enables organizations wishing to encourage their employees and manage their knowledge and ideas in the field of improvement of any segment of the company's business activities, to organize the process of collecting, evaluating, selecting ideas, and identify employees who actively participate in the process of improving.

Director/management board portal

Corporate portal is the central internal workplace for management personnel. It features financial reports, KPI dashboard, press-clipping, employee status, minutes of the board meetings and similar