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Intranet Solutions

Intranet solutions represent a series of solutions for effective execution of everyday or occasional business activities. They shorten the time needed to execute certain activities, without multiple data entry and according to user rights enable the use of specific user role defined solutions. Some of the key Intranet solutions are listed bellow.


The solution enables a quick and easy development of learning content, implementation of education and collaboration of users, as well as knowledge assessment with reporting on completed trainings. Educational content can be stored in various formats for later use and view, and reports can be browsed by default criteria in tabular and graphical form.

Corporate portal

Corporate portal is the central internal workplace of all employees in a company. It represents electronic workplace of employees, groups of employees, organizational units, business units and the entire organization. It includes entire content search and organization, as well as their display according to business needs.

Managing Annual Leave

Annual leave solution enables a person to apply for annual leave, a day off or paid leave, approval of the responsible persons, generating relevant documents of approval, and their filing. The module is in line with public holidays and weekends, the collective annual leave, and tracks the number of days spent by each employee

Task and project management

Task and project management solution enables better project management, adding of project activities and person specific tasks, monitoring task execution and general project status through a defined set of KPI's.