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MOBIDI is a Mobile Data Capture and Team Management Application used on site. MOBIDI functions offline and online. It is easy to capture various data (sound, images, video recordings, notes etc.) on the field. Information collected on the field is automatically transferred to the office and is ready for querying, reporting and sharing with other systems. MOBIDI is compatible with iOS and Android Systems.



Audit requirements can be very different for each institution. You may be inspecting the neighborhood market or checking the appropriateness of a construction permit or checking the daily production on site. In an energy company, for instance, you might be looking at whether the masts are made according to the specifications.


Opening a branch or building a bridge? Perhaps, getting photos from the field for a project. Documenting the apple trees or the well in the garden for expropriation? MOBIDI can provide with all types of records on the data information that needs to be kept on the map.


Whether it's a site, a factory, or a university, the need for security is always the same. Patrolling teams must go and check at certain points at certain times. With MOBIDI you can create as many control points as you want without the need for an additional device. You can easily report which point you went to (where you left off). Your security team can take a picture of a broken lock or broken glass beyond a simple "I have been there". You can request documentation at any point you wish.


Was the material delivered on time? Was there crushing or breakage during delivery? Was the delivery document received? MOBIDI is the answer to many questions such as. Take your reports, have your delivery documents entries in the system and enjoy the process.


Aksaray Municipality is conducting a survey project called "Municipality at Home". The field surveyors are using MOBIDI. There's a lot of information from the collected data. You can access the details at https://tinyurl.com/y9qxc52h. With MOBIDI you can prepare a questionnaire within minutes and distribute it to the teams.


TEPESERVIS documents cleanliness of ATMs with MOBIDI. The banks are ensured of the quality of work done on ATMs with the reports sent through MOBIDI. Details can be accessed at https://tinyurl.com/yankgcvn. Documentation can be done and controlled from offices by ensuring that sub-contractors use MOBIDI. With this method, which will provide speed and practicality, you will only go to the site for final control.


The fridge breaks down, the boiler breaks down, the service comes on. A base station is failing, the repair crew is on the way. In all these cases, all the needs such as documenting the fault, writing the work done, recording the serial numbers of the changing parts can be met with MOBIDI. You can easily prepare several reports and analyzes such as the number of services you gave last month, regional analysis, distribution of service products and so on.

 Follow-up of Requests and Complaints

It can be enabled that a limited number of users or citizens could deliver their wishes and complaints with MOBIDI. Records of complaints with their time + location data, the action that will take and documentation of all the reports can be done easily.

 Project Monitoring

You can monitor your construction sites, fairgrounds being setup or the billboards being changed by teams. Control of work done, proof the job is done to the owner and various reports can be easily obtained.


Application Features


 Works Offline and Online...

You can use MOBIDI with or without a network connection (internet). If there is no or limited network on the field the data captured is stored on your mobile device. As soon as a Wi-Fi or 3G connection is available stored data is immediately transferred to the office.

 Define what you capture: Video, Sound, Photo , Barcode, QRCode...

Photographs, audio and video are all data for MOBIDI. You can add notes or drawings to photographs to achieve your goals. You can see the compass direction of video and photo. One of the easiest and most effective ways of collecting data while walking is recording audio. When you are looking at an accident site on a construction site, you can click and listen to the voices recorded while making a discovery on the map.

 Send Messages to Mobile Users

Send messages or data to mobile users, assign new tasks with location data. Report all activities, completed tasks with MOBIDI's powerfull reporting features. Time and location information captured by MOBIDI is reliable and can not be manipulated.

 Easily generate maps and reports

Send messages or data to mobile users, assign new tasks with location data. Report all activities, completed tasks with MOBIDI's powerfull reporting features. Time and location information captured by MOBIDI is reliable and can not be manipulated.

 From Field to Archive

Contracts, delivery records, and other documents of which field personnel has taken photos are automatically OCRed and made ready for search. With the integration of MOBIDI and GEODI, many complicated tasks are made easier.

MOBIDI Licence Model

MOBIDI has a user based licencing model. Server application, MOBIDI Office, runs on your own hardware. There is also Rent option. Please call us.