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GEODI is a Next Generation Smart Enterprise Content Management System. It is a unique combination of an ECM and Geographical Information System. GEODI directly uses unstructured and structured content in Word, Excel, PDF, AutoCAD, Shapefiles, Databases, e-Mails, Web Pages, Images, Raster Files and Social Media using NLP and AI. GEODI accelerates your organization by bringing all content, all systems, and all users together.

 Smart Enterprise Search

GEODI's AI powered smart enterprise search engine directly uses 200+ different file formats and content types across many data sources. GEODI has unique smart views like Document List, Map, Calendar or Network Graph to show different aspects of the content.

 Smart Archive

GEODI does not need any manual data or metadata entry and works completely on your own content. It extracts metadata like dates, names, places, topics and many more. Features like built-in OCR, Document Viewers including CAD/GIS files and automated metadata extraction makes GEODI a perfect solution to manage dynamic and archived content together.

 Single Point of Access to Different Systems

GEODI's AI powered smart enterprise search engine can connect databases, files , web and social media content and makes them accesible from a single point.

 Collaboration Platform

GEODI's collaboration platform allows team members and external stakeholders to work together.A User can add content, take notes and notify each other. GEODI versions the content, inform users about changes and reports activities and progress to all parties.

 GIS / Instant and Automatic Map Generation

GEODI uses all kind of locational information like Place Names, Street Names, Addresses, Coordinates, MGRS coordinates, Land Parcel IDs, Stationing labels or Zones on a construction site to generate a map. Unlike traditional GIS software, GEODI directly uses unstructured data w/o any manual operation. GEODI also works with well-known GIS Softwares like ArcGIS and MapInfo.

 Flexible Licencing Model

GEODI has a flexible Licensing Model to meet both individual and enterprise needs.You can have it for just 1 user or 10 25 50 or more user tiers. GEODI Standard is the basic module and will meet most of your basic needs. You can also choose other addons any time. GEODI has on-premise and rent options. Please call us for further information.


Addon Modules


GEODI Standard is the basic solution. It includes many basic features such as Search, Notification, Metadata Extract, Search by Image, Document and Image Similarity. All other GEODI applications work on GEODI Standard.


GEODI OCR automatically converts scanned images into texts.

CAD-GIS Viewer

CAD-GIS Viewer extends view, search and annotation features to DWG, DGN, DXF, NCZ, Shape, KML files and various raster formats including ECW, GeoTIF, MrSID.


GEODI MediaMon tracks your Social Media accounts and enables you to analyse your hashtags and mentions. You can also use MediaMon with TextPro and ImagePro.


GEODI Mobile allows you to access 200+ filetypes from mobile. With GEODI Mobile documents related to your current position are easly accessed.

Geo Archive

GEODI Geo Archive automatically creates a geographic archive from CAD, GIS, Raster, PDF files and other content. It extracts koordinates in text, boundaries of CAD files, map sheet references in PDF files and creates archive.

Station Recognizer

GEODI Station Recognizer extract statining information from CAD documents, Reports and e-Posta. Recognized station numbers are automatically converted to coordinate and put on a map.


GEODI Pro can access databases like Oracle, SQL Server, Postgres, and it can search their content independent of the schemes. With GEODI Pro documents and databases are connectedt to each other.

MOBIDI Connector

MOBIDI Connector enables you to use your MOBIDI data in GEODI like any other source. Search from your notes, identifiy traffic signs from your photographs and converts the document in to OCR.


GEODI Discovery is for researchers, lawyers, judges, investigators, military or civilian intelligence. Discovery has many metadata extractors and network view options.


GEODI TrafficPro automatically detects traffic signs from photos and videos and positions them on a map. With TrafficPro it is very easy to create a traffic sign asset.


GEODI TextPro is a text classifier. With TextPro classify Social Media Messages, Forum messages, documents and any other kind of content. TextPro is an AI tool and can learn.


GEODI ImagePro automatically tags images for various kind of objects. It may recognize a logo or a product on a market shelf photo. ImagePro is an AI tool and can learn.