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Fieldwork solutions, ECM and GIS

Fieldwork solutions, ECM and GIS, Mobidi, Geodi

Mobidi - Smartest Way of Field Data Capture

MOBIDI is a Mobile Data Capture and Team Management Application used on site. MOBIDI functions offline and online. It is easy to capture various data (sound, images, video recordings, notes etc.) on the field. Information collected on the field is automatically transferred to the office and is ready for querying, reporting and sharing with other systems. MOBIDI is compatible with iOS and Android Systems.

GEODI: Next Generation Smart ECM

GEODI is a Next Generation Smart Enterprise Content Management System. It is a unique combination of an ECM and Geographical Information System. GEODI directly uses unstructured and structured content in Word, Excel, PDF, AutoCAD, Shapefiles, Databases, e-Mails, Web Pages, Images, Raster Files and Social Media using NLP and AI. GEODI accelerates your organization by bringing all content, all systems, and all users together.