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Financiranje projekta putem Poziva “Inovacijski vaučeri za MSP-ove” - IzBa UroPatogen, BaBa EnteroPatogen, π DeDa

We develop software solutions based on Microsoft and Open source technologies, define business processes and automation processes through proprietary BPM algorithms, as well as develop custom solutions, perform software maintenance and offer a range of consultancy services in IT

Our services are based on an analysis of users’ business processes, which is transferred into a functional software solution. In addition, we deal with modification, management and business process automation services. In doing so, we do not use ready-made BMP software solutions. Instead we use our own knowledge and resources enabling a "tailor-made" approach, ultimately leading to cheaper and more practical integration.
The solutions that we offer can be purchased as products to be integrated into existing environments or as a hosting service on our or third party servers. In addition, we offer services related to Microsoft Office 365, service and user data migration as well as cloud data storage.

Solutions and services

Our Solutions and Services are divided according to specific business areas into five main categories:

ICT company focused on software development and IT services

Founded in 2007, Conscius gathers proficient IT experts with many years of experience in IT consultancy, software development (authoring world-class awarded software solutions) and provision of IT services to both government and the private sector.

Our knowledge and experience, professional and ethical excellence and commitment to our business enable us to provide our clients with top services, either through software development, support or consulting.